To reach our goal of change in campus culture, we have planned many activities throughout the school year to promote awareness. 



Stress Relief Workshops

Workshops and activities every other Wednesday to assist students in relieving stress through teamwork and a variety of different mindful techniques. 

Active Minds Assembly

A speaker from the Active Minds organization, Dave Romano, came  to SPHS to speak to the student body regarding mental, emotional, and social wellness on Friday, October 28. 


Active Minds Parent Night

Dave Romano, the same Active Minds speaker who spoke to the student body, gave a similar presentation to interested parents in the SPHS Library at 6:00PM on Friday, October 28. 


Mental and Emotional Wellness Week

A week long event in which students will are educated on daily stresses and how to healthily cope with them through a series of activities and events. 


School Wide Bonding Nights

Evenings dedicated to building connections between students all across the campus. 


TEDx Salon

A TEDx licensed event that is run by the mediators in which the audience is shown a series of TED Talk videos and live TED Talks regarding mental wellness, followed by a group conversation debriefing the TED Talks.